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Carnival Stall & Food Truck

Lightweight & Spontaneous

Actions such as adding personalized instructions for specific order and bringing up guest information quickly for enhanced service are done at the tap of a finger or the click of a mouse.

Sales With Ease

You could spend more time on the floor driving sales, attending guests, providing better guest service, and focusing on expanding your business.

Full Control & Transparency

Access organized reports that are stored within seconds, manage your employee’s time clocks your taxes and information printed on bills.

Check Out Handling

Merge bills of different tables with waiter names or split bills of guests in a single table, and more at least effort.

Looking for Solutions
To Boost your Success

FOODZPRO Kiosk can be used at all your desired places like Carnival Stall, QSR and FSR, Stadiums & Arenas, Theme Parks, Airports, Cafes, Bars, Food Trucks, and Bakery & Sweet Shops.

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Your restaurant is as exclusive as the solution you need.
Whether you’re opening or improving a single restaurant, multiple restaurants, or a national chain, we can support.

Kitchen Display

Kitchen Printers


Only FOOZPRO provides

foodzpro helps you to easily control the system yourself with Access Control, every single user action is controlled and monitored by foodzpro. You can even set up selective access to the system.

foodzpro configuration to implement the business policy, user or system is simple with check boxes.
Awesome Interface

foodzpro derives with an easy to use interface that lets you upsurge your employee competence by more than 45%