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About us

Seamless Operation

The way that people order food and pay bills is constantly evolving; we now live in a fast paced, ever demanding world. foodzprocomprehensive solution for merchants that enables service on-demand, and meets customer expectations by providing a top-notch digital experience.
  • Increase Sales Revenue

    By increasing order processing speed & decreasing walk away from lines, foodzpro will increase your overall sales revenue, guaranteed.

  • Increase customer Satisfaction

    foodzpro helps provide a rapid & efficient service on the orders placed by the customers. This leads to not only increased customer satisfaction, but also increased customer retention.

Easy Applications

foodzpro is a self-service kiosk which is a cloud-based platform that features plug and play facilities. It boasts a state-of-the-art architecture with benefits like reduced amount of time spent a customer spends waiting in queue, and also the ease of ordering and paying directly at the self-ordering kiosk.
  • Interactive Interface

    foodzpro provides an easy to use digital interface to enhance customer experience while upsurging your employee competence by more than 45%

  • Direct Customer Marketing

    foodzpro lets you prompt different meal combination, special offers & also “Deal of the Day” directly to the customers through the interface. This engages customer for a longer time period and increases the shopping list. Most importantly it provides the opportunity to survey and try different products.

Central Management

foodzpro is designed to seamlessly integrate with various resources like Kitchen Display System, Kitchen Order Ticket and Payment Gateways. Even Multi-Store Management is available for businesses having more than one locations.
  • Reduce Operational Costs

    By helping in improving the order accuracy & reducing human effort and working hours, foodzpro helps you greatly reduce operational cost.

  • Centralized Menu Management

    foodzpro, Our cloud-based technology, helps to update the pricing, inventory & special offers through our centralized menu board from anywhere. The system also lets you update, in real-time, kitchen operations for new orders.

Customer Satisfaction
Reduce Wait Time By
Customer Retention
Less Operational Cost

Customers love us

“FOODZPRO is pretty fast and helps with our business processes. It is also very simple to use and flexible for us to add new items to our menu and to our inventory. ”
“FOODZPRO is a promising product has a lot of potential in the QSR and other restaurant business.”
“Our staffs are handling it with ease. FOODZPRO helps us serve our guests with ease & transmission of orders to the kitchen has become faster. ”
“FOODZPRO has reduced order delivery time and increased turnaround of tables. We have more accountability, faster service, paperless KOT and no more misunderstanding on order details”
“FOODZPRO is very intuitive, very very simple & very scalable POS, one of the best seen so far...”
“Customers love the self-service kiosks. It reduces wait times. It also saves on wages for us. We would love to grow our business and partner with FOODZPRO from here on out.”