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5 Reasons You Should Offer Happy Hours at Your Bar

5 Reasons You Should Offer Happy Hours at Your Bar

5 Reasons You Should Offer Happy Hours at Your Bar

Happy Hours or cocktail hours- one of the most beneficial marketing strategies to increase sales in bars and restaurants has got ingrained into the hospitality industry today. It refers to those slow hours of the day when the consumption is low – late-afternoon and early-evening hours.

A happier hour is normally the period between 4 pm to 7 pm, the time when most people want to relax after a day’s work. In any bar or a restaurant during these precious hours, a customer can enjoy different alcoholic beverages or/and appetizers at a discounted price.

  1. To introduce your customers to the new arrivals or promotional products

Happy hours are the best times of the day to showcase your new and specialty products to your customers. Bar experts are of the view that happy hour is the perfect time for any bar to gain exposure amidst their patrons.

  • To boost your sales and increase profit

A bar is visited mostly by the young group of consumers and it’s a known fact, that youngsters always look for drinks and food available at affordable prices. Hence, if you introduce happy hours in your bar with liquors at the discounted price or provide your buyers with some tempting offers, you will surely enjoy the opportunity of having increased buyers.

  • Happy hours increase customer loyalty

With a systematic happy hour program, there’s an increase in customer loyalty.

How to increase customer loyalty?

  • As a bar owner value your loyal customers by taking their feedback for further improvement.
  • Provide them with premium offers and extra discounts -such as Saturday night happy hour.
  • Add testimonials, reviews or other positive feedback from your loyal customers on your website or your social media account.
  • The best way for customers acquisition

Become the only best place in town whenever a wine lover thinks ‘where to get happy hour drink specials near me?’ Market about your happy hour program far and wide. Be innovative and creative during those premium hours.

  • Build your brand awareness with attractive cocktail hours

Premium offers during slow hours are the perfect ways to make your bar name popular. As a conscious bar owner, you might seek an answer to the question ‘What will make customers want to visit my bar, instead of others in the neighborhood?’ Happy hours are the solution.

Wrapping Up

Introducing happy or cocktail hours is certainly a fair business option as it inspires upselling. But you must take care of certain aspects for more profit while planning this beneficial marketing strategy. Sellers are of the view that providing excessive discounts can sometimes adverse for your business bottom line.